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Muhammad Asrar ul Haq

(Muhammad Asrar ul Haq)

Combine a love of trekking and photography and youíll get a collection of beautiful photos ranging from widely published landscapes to award-winning portraits.

Secretly, Asrar prefers landscape photography and would often escape to snow-capped mountains to get away from busy crowded cities. He has made it to the base camps of some of the highest peaks of the world and hopes to trek to rest of them some day.

A big fan of Nikon and Leica, but doesn't think good photographs depend on any expensive or special equipment. Any camera can produce the most stunning photos if one knows the art... So he wishes to learn the art someday!


(Janette Haq)

From a young age, Janette was no stranger to photography, having been the subject of her fatherís enthusiastic family portraits.

Her interest really took off when she studied Light in her high school physics class where she learnt the basics of the SLR camera. Initially borrowing her fatherís old Nikon, then upgrading to her own equipment, Janette has gradually built up a collection of brilliant landscape shots through her travels.

Whilst admitting that digital cameras have their usefulness, many of her favourite photos are taken with her beloved SLR... One needs an eye for photography in addition to camera to take good photos.

Janette Haq



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